About Us

Kindy Without Walls has been created through a shared vision for children to have access to a kindergarten model based purely in nature. A kindergarten that affords children opportunities to learn from and on the land, building strong and meaningful connections with the land. 



Kindy Without Walls is a Not For Profit, Incorporated Association comprising  early childhood professionals and  interested community members. 

Kindy Without Walls brings together its values through operations, interactions and experiences:

  • Community, engagement, relationships and appreciation of diversity 

  • Advocacy, children as confident and capable learners, unhurried time for learning and children as leaders of their own learning. 

  • Respect, acknowledgement and respect for others, integrating First Nations learnings and consideration of our environmental impact

  • Sustainability, incorporating sustainable practices, sustaining self, community and environments

  • Nature, learning through exploration, being protectors of nature and building strong connections with the natural world 

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